Secretary office

Responsibilities are as follows:
1. Correspondence and general administration
2. Assistant manager and secretary
3. Human resource management
4. Finance, fiscal and accounting
5. Budgetary
6. Procurement and registration
7. Legal and contract work
8. Public relations
9. Office premises and vehicles maintenance.
10. Other work which is not under other division’s responsibility.
11. Perform other related duties or assigned.

The secretary office consists of:
1. Administrative Assistant Section
1. Secretarial works of the Director and Deputy Director
2. Contact meeting appointments
3. Coordinating and facilitating
4. Performing other related duties or assigned

2. General administration Section
1. Correspondence and general administration
2. Coordination of government and meeting
3. Building and vehicle control
4. Public relations
5. Welfare management for housing for civil servants and employees
6. Annual health check-ups for personnel under the Drainage and Sewerage Department
7. Perform other related duties or assigned

3. Legal Affairs Section
1. Investigate legal cases and providing opinion for consideration
2. Preparation, examination, draft, amendment, extension or renewal of contracts and the execution of the contract with legal effect
3. Offering advise, diagnose, judge, protest and correct mistakes related to the laws, rules, orders and regulations
4. Implementation of the Officers Liability Act B.E. 2551 2542
5. Civil cases, criminal and administrative cases
6. Proof and prepare a certificate of work for the requested contractor
7. Perform other related or assigned.

4. Human Resources Section
1. Human resource planning, recruitment, selection, positioning and promoting, transfer, resign, off duty and requesting return to government service
2. Performance evaluation and appraisals, promotion of salary, wages, and the selection of outstanding officials and excellent employees
3. Election of Committee of the Committee of BMA officials for Drainage and Sewerage Department and set up meetings.
4. Human resource development, continuous education and job training
5. Processing of bonus reward and government subsidies of living
6. Disciplinary action
7. Requesting process of pension and retirement
8. Requesting process for royal decorations and honorary commemorative certificate
9. Supervision of database system (MIS2)
10. Supervision the security guardian of the premises
11. Implementation of the Social Security Act
12. Perform other related duties or assigned

5. Finance Department
1. Finance and Budgetary for Bangkok Metropolitan and government subsidies (Deposits, general subsidies and special subsidies)
2. Accounting for asset value, depreciation calculation and preparing various reports.
3. Examine welfare receipts and compensation, control of all procurement process even hiring consultant service in accordance with relevant provisions and laws, recording data into the MIS2 system and the e-GP system of the Comptroller General's Department.
4. Perform other related duties or assigned.