1. Create masterplans and projects for flood prevention, drainage and wastewater treatment systems in Bangkok.
2. Construct and maintain Bangkok’s flood prevention systems consisting of floodgates, pumping stations, drainage tunnels, embank, dams, drain lines, including the acquisition and development of Kaem Ling (Monkey Cheek) projects or water reservoirs.
3. Plan, control and manage Bangkok's flood, saltwater and drought preventions/resolutions.
4. Plan, control, maintain and procure manholes, pumping facilities, and close/change the cover of sewer equipment to prevent/solve flooding problems.
5. Dredge canals to increase drainage efficiency, including landscape developments and prevention of intrusions into canals and public water resources.
6. Maintain drainage lines through garbage and weeds disposal from canals and public water resources.
7. Maintain water quality in Bangkok by monitoring and controlling water quality of public water sources, including wastewater treatment to meet international standards.
8. Maintain information center for management and telemetry systems of Bangkok’s water resources.
9. Provide consultation and support for public water management, including flood prevention/resolution, water quality management and coastal erosion of Bangkok.
10. Acquire, install, control, and maintain pump(electric and mechanical), machinery, mechanical tools and vehicles.
11. Perform in others related duties as assigned.