Mechanical division

The responsibilities are as follows:
1. Planning, Survey, Design, Supervisor, Procure and maintain pump also various mechanical and electrical water control equipments
2. Planning for the installation of flood protection and mitigation units that can quickly response and operate under normal plans and emergency
3. Installation, moving, modification and support pumps, labor saving machine and all types of vehicles.
4. Inspection, repair, maintenance, installation, modification of the pump. In order to increase the efficiency of pumping system, machine and labor-saving machines and vehicles of all types of Drainage and Sewerage Department and also the pumps of district offices.
5. Setup standard and specifications of pumps, machinery, vehicles and equipment for installing the pump, electric control cabinet, electrical wiring system and electrical equipment of all types.
6. Procure and storage of materials, equipment, spare parts, as well as fuel, lubricant for flood protection machine and various electrical equipment to support flood prevention and mitigation.
7. Create machinery maintenance record such as water pumps, vehicles and equipments, including the preparation of BMA’s property registration.
8. Perform other related duties or assigned.

The division consists of 6 sections as follows:
1. General administration Section
1. Correspondence and general administration
2. Administration and coordination work
3. Procurement
4. Staff and discipline work
5. Finance and budget
6. Public relations
7. Supervision and facilitate of office premises and vehicles
8. Perform other related duties or assigned.

2. Procurement Department
1. Procurement of machinery, vehicles, tools, appliances, tools and equipment, including spare parts, materials, fuel and lubrication.
2. Determine the needs of supplies
3. Organize storage including transfers and sales
4. Accounting reports, classify assets and materials
5. Property registration
6. Survey, inspection and report of supplies such as fuel consumption and lubrication statistics. Monthly materials supply, receiving - remaining supplies for the fiscal year
7. Perform other related duties or assigned.

3. Pumping Service Section 1
1. Provide service and supervise the installation of water pumps machinery and all vehicles.
2. Modify, improve and optimize the pumping system of the water pumps and machinery
3. Manage and Control of electric pump control system
4. Coordinate and installation of electric meters and transformers
5. Control, maintenance, design and set the details specification of pumping system, testing and commissioning, including various devices and machinery to meet the standard.
6. Maintenance and fix problems for electric water pumps also diesel engines water pumps with various equipment
7. Supporting flood prevention and resolution
8. Perform other related duties or assigned.
9. The responsible area for this section are 35 districts in the Phranakhon area. (Eastern Bank of Chaopraya river)

4. Pump Service Section2
has the same authority as the Pumping Service Group 1, the responsible area for this section are 15 districts of Thonburi area (Western Bank of Chaopraya river).

5. Repair and Maintenance Section 1
1. Repair and maintenance of pumps, machinery and vehicles of all types
2. Make repair and maintenance record for machinery, water pumps, vehicles and equipment
3. Support flood prevention and resolution
4. Perform other related or assigned duties the area responsible for this section are 35 areas of the Phra- Nakhon area

6. Repair and maintenance Section 2
has the same authority as repair and maintenance group 1, the area responsible for this section are 15 districts of Thonburi area